At Creative Fusion Glass, my intention is to bring beauty and joy to all who see and enjoy my glasswork. I love to use bright colors, organic shapes and like to create texture in the glass. Much of my inspiration comes from nature, my own personal experiences, the wonderful people in my life and the wider world around me.

Thank you for visiting. I'm truly grateful you are here!

About me...

About me...

Hi, I'm Becky. I'm the artist behind Creative Fusion Glass. I make kiln fused glass items for the home and garden. I'm not exactly sure when my interest in glass started, but growing up near Corning Glass Works in Corning, NY was probably the beginning! I loved to visit the museum as a child, and love it just as much today!
Now I live in Connecticut with my family. I enjoy spending time with them doing both the Mom things, and the fun things. I love exploring the world around me, whether it's museums, art exhibits or performances, or it's out in nature, hiking or kayaking. I truly try to live by my tagline... Make Every Day Beautiful!
About my studio....

About my studio....

My Studio is located in my home. It started 15 or so years ago on the dining room table with a small kiln where I mostly made jewelry for family and friends. Soon it evolved into a small buiness and it has been growing ever since!
I truly enjoy my studio time. I love working with glass... the rainbow of color, the endless techniques and skills to learn. Most of my learning is done online, with the occasional trip to take an in-person class.
At this point I have moved my studio to our basement and garage where I have three kilns and a range of power tools to play with. My intention is to create in a way that will make the world a better, or at least more beautiful, place.

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